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  • Bhadresh Das

Top 10 Tips on How to Make the Perfect Pitch.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

For a musician, a pitch plays a crucial role to hit the right strings in the heart of the audience, for which the musician practices the necessary pitch he/she needs for his/her performance. In the same way, the success story of a start-up depends on its first pitch, which needs to hit the right strings of the investors in order for them to invest. And for one to acquire that perfect pitch, practice, efforts and experience are the keys.

1. Do your homework!

Researching about the investors/clients, running a background check, shortlisting their likes and dislikes, learning about their company’s facts and figures, having knowledge about reputation, schedule and interests proves to be of great help when preparing for a pitch. It helps the investors know you are through with your homework and are serious about the pitch. For which, various social media platforms are of great use such as LinkedIn, Facebook will provide you with basic information of a person or company.

2. Keep it simple.

A pitch needs to be simple and to the point. Making a complex pitch with too many facts and use of extraordinary language might result in loss of interest of the investor. A complex pitch arises a lot of questions in the mind of the client. Therefore, giving an impression of trying too hard. Sticking to simplicity helps in a clear execution of the pitch making it understandable and truthful.

3. Time your pitch.

Time plays an important role when approaching an investor or client. Your pitch must not be too long creating confusion and chaos in the end, nor should it be too short giving the audience time to overthink and point out mistakes. Time must be divided depending on the priorities of the pitch. Divide your time between 3 main aspects: opening statements, elaboration of your idea and facts and figures.

4. Tell your story

Facts and figures, charts and diagrams, benefits and theories might not invariably be enough for the investors. Typically, your involvement with your start-up may prove to be of an excellent facet for the pitch. Your plan of the start-up and your needs and wishes for it can be explained solely by you. The storytelling helps in engaging the audience and create an image of genuineness. Keep your story short and to the purpose.

5. Be clear with your targeted audience.

One cannot always sell everything to everyone and anything to anyone. In a pitch, it is important to mention who the targeted audience is and how do you benefit them. Specifying the targeted audience provides an idea of an ideal customer and therefore decide the venture’s survival in the market.

6. First-hand product experience

Investors always would want to know what your product is and how will you be delivering it in the market, hence providing then with the first-hand experience would result as a plus point for you. Present images, testimonies, working or even the product itself before the audience will help them form their opinion.

7. Your enthusiasm matters!

The way you present your pitch matters the most. The audience will always notice whether you are excited and enthusiastic about the pitch or are you presenting it just of the sake of doing it. The audience will be forming an opinion about you and your pitch depending on the way you deliver it. Hence, presenting your pitch with at most interest and enthusiasm is a must.

8. Answer all the questions/ solve all the doubts

An interested audience will always have questions and doubts about your product and it is important to answer their questions and solve their doubts. One can make out if the investor/ client is interested in pitch bases on the questions they ask. Always remember to spare time at the end of the presentation for doubt solving.

9. A strong conclusion

The end is the most crucial part of any pitch. A clear summary of the agreement must be given in the end mentioning the points why the investors must invest and highlighting the benefits. The conclusion of your pitch might be a new start of your venture, hence make sure you have a strong and positive conclusion.

10. Take notes

What comes after presenting a pitch? the process of improvisation. However good or bad the pitch presentation was, taking notes on the same helps one do better next time. Write down your mistakes and places where you think needs work and focus on that. Also, write down your positives to make sure they remain constant the next time.

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